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  • Prottoy A. Akbar

    PhD candidate in Economics, University of Pittsburgh

  • Jenny Aker

    Professor of Development Economics, Tufts University

  • Michaël Aklin

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

  • Richard Akresh

    Associate Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Sara Al-Rashood

    Associate Professor, King Saud University

  • Sule Alan

    Professor of Economics, European University Institute; Adjunct Professor of Economics, Bilkent University; CEPR Research Fellow

  • Gani Aldashev

    Professor of Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelle

  • Alonso Alfaro Ureña

    Researcher, Central Bank of Costa Rica; Professor, Department of Economics, Universidad de Costa Rica

  • Mohamed Kalid Ali

    PhD Candidate in Health and Welfare, Dalarna University

  • Jennifer Alix-Garcia

    Professor of Applied Economics, Oregon State University

  • Miguel Almunia

    Assistant Professor of Economics, CUNEF and CEPR Research Affiliate

  • Monira Essa Aloud

    Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, King Saud University

  • Katye Altieri

    Senior Research Officer, Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town

  • Onur Altındağ

    Assistant Professor of Economics, Bentley University

  • Amrit Amirapu

    Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of Kent

  • Mary Amiti

    Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York