VoxDev wishes to encourage dissemination and is happy to permit reproduction of material, provided terms and conditions are met.  Please refer to our copyright and usage page for more detail, but the key conditions are:

  • No changes may be made to the material without prior consent from VoxDev and the authors of the piece.  
  • The piece must be linked back to VoxDev
  • Both  Author(s) and VoxDev should be credited. The following citation must be included at the top of the column :  Reprinted by permission from ; Author(s) ©

All queries regarding permission to reprint to be addressed to [email protected] 


Most VoxDev columns are commissioned directly by the Editor-in-Chief, but VoxDev does post  unsolicited columns, subject to a process of review and approval by the editor and the editorial board.

Leading economists who are interested in writing a “research-based policy analysis and commentary” should send a few lines describing the possible column and a link or attachment to its research basis to: [email protected]. The submission should include information on the author(s)’ current and past affiliation(s), economics degrees or experience, and the URL of the author(s)’ current webpage.

The editorial board reserves the right to not respond to submissions that it considers frivolous. The members of the Board are:

Tavneet Suri  (Editor-in-chief)

Robin Burgess

Chang-Tai Hsieh

Christopher Woodruff