Chad Bown discusses what happened during the US-China trade war, when, what it meant - and what happens next

Read "The US-China Trade War and Phase One Agreement" by Chad Bown here.

After four years of turmoil, what is the future for US-China trade? In this interview, Chad Bown discusses the remarkable way the trade war between the two countries during the Trump administation played outĀ and how challenging it was for economists to keep track of events in real time. He also discusses how things have calmed down now, partly because the Biden administration is still getting its team in placeĀ and partly because the new administration appears more likely to take a 'whole-of-government' approach with everyone on the same page, in contrast to the competing factions of the Trump administration. A final major difference between the Biden and Trump administrations is that the Biden administration has said it wants to work with allies.

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