Bryane Michael

Researcher at the University of Oxford

Prof. Bryane Michael has over 20 years experience teaching at some of the world's leading universities (including Oxford and Columbia), international organisation training centres (World Bank-IMF Joint Vienna Institute, OECD Centre for Private Sector Development in Instanbul and the UN-ILO Training Centre in Turin) as well as fellowships at places including the Hong Kong University Law Faculty's Asian Institute for International Law (AIIFL), the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, the University of Malaya, the Warsaw-based Centre for Social and Economic Research (CASE), among others. His advisory work includes consulting at the Cabinet level in Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria and for various government departments in Russia (Customs/Competition), Turkey (economics and development, internal security), Kosovo (justice, tax, customs), Moldova (tax), Hong Kong (anticorruption and finance), Brunei (national development), Malaysia (competition), the UK (social enterprise and economics), Thailand and Philippines (central bank), and others. Dr. Michael is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Series 7 and 66 licensed, a proud member of Mensa and speaks 5+ languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and a bit of Mandarin -- not including programming languages).  His private sector experience includes an advisorship with a top 5 Wall Street investment bank, service on the Board of Directors of firms in over 8 countries, and consultancies ranging from CalPERS (the California Employees Retirement fund) to Aviva (an insurance giant).

Recent work by Bryane Michael