Costas Meghir

“Douglas A. Warner III” Professor of Economics, Yale University

Costas Meghir is the “Douglas A. Warner III” Professor of Economics and a Co-director of the Cowles foundation structural microeconomics program at Yale University. He is an International Research Affiliate at the IFS and a Visiting Professor at UCL. Having graduated from Manchester University with a Ph.D. he worked at University College London becoming a Full Professor and the Head of Department.

He is Fellow of the Econometric Society, Fellow of the British Academy, and Fellow of the Society for Labor Economics. He was awarded the Ragnar Frisch medal by the Econometric Society in 2000 and the Bodosakis foundation prize in 1997. He has been Coeditor of Econometrica and Joint Managing Editor of the Economic Journal. He has published in the leading journals including Econometrica, The American Economic Review, the Review of Economic Studies and the Journal of Political Economy. Costas Meghir teaches Labour Economics and Econometrics to graduates and undergraduates at Yale.

His research spans a broad set of fields, including household consumption, savings and labor supply behavior, educational choice and its effects on wages and individual careers, the impact of quality of education, intergenerational transmission of education and health and the economics of crime. Much of his research is concerned with the effects of policy on incentives, poverty and welfare more broadly. He has worked on evaluating the impact of welfare benefit reform, education policy, active labour market policy, and the effects of labour market regulation.

Within developing countries he has studied the impact of conditional cash transfer programs and training programs for disadvantaged youth. He has also worked on studying the way households manage shocks and insure against their effects. More recently he has been involved in research on policies that impact early childhood development, which lays the foundations for a person’s life. He has been working with a team of collaborators on implementing and evaluating scalable programs of early childhood stimulation in Colombia and India.

Recent work by Costas Meghir