• research policy evidence

    Academic evidence and expert advice on the research to policy pipeline

    Here’s the research and opinion I have been reading on the research to policy pipeline

    Published 05.06.24

  • terror kenya

    This week at VoxDev: 23/02/2024

    This week we featured research on the impacts of rising food prices, predicting terrorism, providing agricultural advice at scale, humanitarian aid and the costs of inaction, pollution exposure and climate resilience.

    Published 23.02.24

  • generative AI

    This week at VoxDev: 16/02/2024

    This week at VoxDev we covered research on parenting interventions, technological diffusion, modern slavery, AI and entrepreneurship, local government, and the political payoffs to building infrastructure.

    Published 16.02.24

  • industrial policy

    This week at VoxDev: 19/01/2024

    Published 19.01.24

  • voxdev

    2023 at VoxDev

    Published 29.12.23

  • voxdev newsletter

    This week at VoxDev: 20/12/2023

    Published 20.12.23

  • VoxDev as an educational resource

    Published 18.12.23

  • coffee colombia

    This week at VoxDev: 15/12/2023

    Published 15.12.23

  • 01122023

    This week at VoxDev: 01/12/2023

    Published 01.12.23

  • From the desk of the Editor-in-Chief

    Tavneet Suri celebrates six years of VoxDev and hands over the reins

    Published 16.06.23