We invite researchers to submit their rigorous development economics research which has relevant policy implications. While some VoxDev columns are commissioned directly by the Editorial Board, we strongly encourage unsolicited columns as well, and promote them on VoxDev after a process of review and approval by the Editor and the Editorial Board.

Researchers interested in writing a “research-based policy analysis and commentary” should send us their research papers as attachments to [email protected].

The decision on whether to commission a VoxDev piece based on any paper that is submitted to us is made by the whole Board of Editors. The Board of Editors meets weekly but may not get around to all the submissions that week. We do try to get back to authors within a few weeks of their submission. The Board weighs a few different things in their ultimate decision and is unfortunately unable to provide specific feedback on any specific submission given the number of papers it handles a week. However, we would like to be transparent about the things we weigh in making a decision. The VoxDev vision is to “bring cutting edge research to the forefront of decision making – for policymakers, the private sector, NGOs, the civil society, and everyone in between.” Given this, we think carefully about the broader implications of the research: what policy implications does it have? Of course, a lot of work in economics may not be directly relevant to policy but is valuable as it advances our current state of knowledge. That is, of course, crucially important research but does not fit our vision. We also weigh the innovation and quality of the work, especially if it makes causal statements, also in line with our vision of rigorous, cutting edge research. Finally, we, of course, only publish work on developing countries and we do not publish opinion pieces. The members of the Editorial Board are:

Michael Callen

Stefano Caria

Namrata Kala

Robert Darko Osei


VoxDev wishes to encourage dissemination and is happy to permit reproduction of material, provided terms and conditions are met.  Please refer to our copyright and usage page for more detail, but the key conditions are:

  • Explicit permission of both VoxDev and the author(s) should be sought before reprinting.
  • No changes may be made to the material without prior consent from VoxDev and the author(s) of the piece.  
  • Both VoxDev and the author(s) should be credited. The following suggested note must be included at the top of the column: “Reprinted by permission from VoxDev; Author(s)” with a hyperlink to the original article on VoxDev.
  • No permission is needed for using VoxDev columns for teaching purposes. However, no changes must be made to the original publications.

All queries regarding permission to reprint to be addressed to [email protected]