César Ducruet

Senior Researcher, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

César Ducruet, geographer, is Senior Researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). He is currently working at the EconomiX laboratory (Paris-Nanterre) on the local impact of contemporary maritime globalization. His research focuses on technological innovation, connectivity, employment, vulnerability, environment, and health issues in a port and port-city context. He is Principal Investigator of the ANR-funded research project “Maritime Globalization, Network Externalities and Transport Impacts on Cities” (MAGNETICS) (2023–2026). César has been expert for various international organizations (OECD, World Bank, WHO) and works regularly with numerous partners in Asia (Korea Maritime Institute, JETRO, ASEM, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ECNU, Fudan University, Shanghai Maritime University). His publications include three edited volumes on Maritime Networks (2015), Shipping Data Analysis (2017), and Port Systems (2023) in the Routledge Studies in Transport Analysis. He is also associate member of porteconomics.eu, international advisory board member of PortCityFutures, and editorial board member of the Journal of Transport Geography, Maritime Business Review, the International Journal of Transport Economics, and Portus.

Recent work by César Ducruet