Ijaz Nabi

Country Director, International Growth Centre (Pakistan); Chairman of the Board of Governors, Consortium of Development Policy Research

Ijaz Nabi is Country Director, Pakistan Program, International Growth Centre and Professor of Economics at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. He has served on Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council and was a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, State Bank of Pakistan.  In 2013-17, he was Advisor Economic Affairs to Chief Minister, Punjab. He chairs the boards of governors of Consortium of Development Policy Research, Punjab Population Innovation Fund and Punjab Skills Development Fund. 

Ijaz Nabi returned to Pakistan in 2008 after 22 years at the World Bank in Washington where he worked on Mexico, Korea, Thailand (leading the World Bank team during the East Asian financial crisis), Malaysia, Korea, Laos and Myanmar. In 2002-2008, he was Manager, Economic Policy, for South Asia region at the World Bank. Ijaz Nabi has published extensively on economic growth, investment and finance, industrialization, international trade and labor markets in developing countries. He has a BA from Government College Lahore, B.Sc. Honors from London School of Economics and PhD from Warwick University.

Recent work by Ijaz Nabi