Mar Reguant

Professor of Economics, Northwestern University

Mar Reguant (Ph.D. MIT) is a Professor in Economics at Northwestern University and a Research Fellow at the Barcelona School of Economics.

Her research uses high-frequency data to study the impact of auction design and environmental regulation on electricity markets and energy-intensive industries. She has studied questions such as strategic behavior in electricity markets in the presence of startup costs, the dynamic impacts of climate policies on energy-intensive industries, and the leakage concerns regarding climate policies. In her current work, she studies the energy transition with a focus on the electricity sector.

Prof. Reguant is the Vice President of Climate Change at the Center for Economic Policy Research and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. She has received several honors. Among them, she was awarded an NSF CAREER grant in 2015, the Sabadell Prize for Economic Research in 2017, and a PECASE award in 2019.

Recent work by Mar Reguant