Marie-Helene Cloutier

Senior Economist, World Bank

Marie-Helene Cloutier is a Senior Economist at the World Bank working on data analytics and measurement with a focus on learning and its key drivers, early childhood development, and education technology. Prior to this role, she led various operational and analytical education programs in the East Asia and Pacific (Myanmar, Marshall Islands) and Africa regions (Chad, Guinea, Lesotho) focused on early childhood development, teachers, school-based management, conflict and fragility, and technical and vocational skills. She also coordinated the Africa Program for Education Impact Evaluation (APEIE) and supported and led (as principal investigator) several impact evaluations (in Guinea, Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria, Lesotho). Prior to joining the World Bank, she managed health and social marketing impact evaluations in Zambia for J-PAL. She holds a MA degree from Université Laval and a PhD (A.B.D.) degree from Université de Montréal specialized in behavioral, experimental and development economics. 

Recent work by Marie-Helene Cloutier