Rafiuddin Najam

Rafiuddin Najam

PhD Candidate in Public Policy, Oregon State University; RSMFP Fellow, Development Impact, World Bank

Rafi is a PhD candidate in public policy at Oregon State University and a research fellow at the World Bank. He is interested in applied microeconomics and development, specifically in topics related to education and fragility. His research examines policies impacting marginalized communities' access to higher education, the influence of a four-day school week on juvenile crime, and how exposure to violence affects academic outcomes.

Recent work by Rafiuddin Najam

  • women university afghanistan

    The impact of a gender quota on women’s education in Afghanistan

    Gender gaps in access to education have persisted in low- and middle-income countries, despite all but closing in high-income countries. Affirmative action for women in public universities in Afghanistan increased the share of women admitted by 32%. These findings highlight the promise of affirmative action as a strategy to bridge gender disparities in tertiary education in low- and middle-income countries.

    Published 15.04.24