Tackling the challenges of global development


Published 25.07.18
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Staff Sgt. Stephen Schester, U.S. Air Force

How does the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation work towards achieving its vision of improving the quality of life of everyone around the world?

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Everyone, irrespective of where they are born or the circumstances they have inherited, has a right to a healthy, productive life. This is the belief that guides the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In this interview, Rodger Voorhies discusses the path to making this vision a reality. Drawing from his experience of over 20 years in emerging markets, he talks about the importance of technology and innovation, inclusivity, structures and open access to knowledge. He also stresses the need for a variety of partners to work together, and discusses the theory of change Bill and Melinda Gates foundation follows, what makes a successful programme, and the key development issues he hopes to tackle.