Ujjayant Chakravorty

Professor of Economics, Tufts University

Ujjayant Chakravorty is professor of economics at Tufts University. His area of research is resource and environmental economics. Current projects focus on the effect of highway access on water depletion, energy use by the poor in rural India and long-term impacts of electrification. He is affiliated with the Harvard Environmental Economics Program at the Kennedy School, the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at the Fletcher School, the Environmental Studies program at Tufts, CESifo Munich and Renmin University in Beijing, China.

Ujjayant was co-editor of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management and associate editor at the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Resource and Energy Economics and Water Resources Research, an interdisciplinary journal. He has published in the Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review and other noted academic journals in economics. 

He has an engineering degree from IIT Delhi and a PhD from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Recent work by Ujjayant Chakravorty