Anup Malani

Lee and Brena Freeman Professor at the University of Chicago Law School; Professor, Pritzker School of Medicine

Anup Malani is the Lee and Brena Freeman Professor at the University of Chicago Law School and a Professor at the Pritzker School of Medicine. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Boston. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has served on the boards of the Becker-Friedman Institute, the Neubauer Collegium and the University of Chicago Press. Malani was the founding Faculty Director of the Tata Centre for Development at the University of Chicago. Malani is the co-founder and Faculty Director of the International Innovation Corps, a social service program that sends teams of US and foreign university graduates to work on innovative development projects with government officials in India and Brazil. Malani has advised governments in India and Indonesia on COVID policy, with support from the Asian Development Bank, and has advised the World Bank on COVID in South Asia. Malani is on University of Virginia’s working group planning a National COVID Commission. Malani’s work on COVID has won two Emergent Ventures prizes and several grants.

Malani has a PhD in economics and a JD, both from University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Stephen Williams on the US Court of Appeals for District of Columbia and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the US Supreme Court.

Recent work by Anup Malani