daniel perlman

Daniel Perlman

Girls Education Program Lead, OASIS

Daniel Perlman, Ph.D., is the Girls Education Program Lead at OASIS and a research medical anthropologist at the University of California, Berkeley. He has more than thirty years’ experience implementing and evaluating community-based health and education programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Daniel led the seminal NIH funded 5-year research and training program that employed anthropological methods to better understand the underlying causes of the high maternal mortality in rural northern Nigeria. The research, a partnership between the School of Public Health, University of California and Ahmadu Bello University, led to the creation of the Centre for Girls Education (CGE) which Daniel co-founded with Habiba Mohammed and Dr. Mardhiyyah Abbas Mashi in 2007. He served as CGE’s first director until 2016. During this period, he lived in the region for several months a year. Daniel led CGE’s research and evaluation grants from the MacArthur Foundation, Intel Foundation, UNFPA, Ford Foundation, and the Packard Foundation.

Recent work by Daniel Perlman