Kjetil Storesletten

Professor, University of Minnesota; Research Fellow, CEPR

Kjetil Storesletten is a Richard and Beverly Fink Professor of Economics at University of Minnesota. He has previously been a professor at University of Oslo, a Monetary Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and as an associate professor at the Institute for International Economic Studies. Storesletten has been the Managing Editor of the Review of Economic Studies (2006-2010) and Chairman of the same journal (2013-2017). He is currently the editor of Quantitative Economics. He has served as a member of the Executive Monetary Policy Committee of Norway (2014-2019) and as President of the European Economic Association.

Kjetil received his Ph.D. in economics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995. He is a macro economist with research interests spanning quantitative macroeconomics, transition economics, business cycles, political economy, labor economics, public finance, risk sharing, asset pricing, and immigration.

Kjetil’s work has appeared in all top journals in economics, including the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review, and Econometrica. He is one of the first two Europeans (joint with Zilibotti) to receive the Sun Yefang Award from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (prize granted in 2012 for the paper “Growing Like China”). Storesletten is a Fellow of Econometric Society and he has been awarded an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (2012-2018).

Recent work by Kjetil Storesletten