song zheng

Zheng (Michael) Song

Professor, Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Song is a professor at the Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), an outstanding fellow of the Faculty of Social Science at CUHK and a co-director of CUHK-Tsinghua Joint Research Center for Chinese Economy. He is a senior fellow of ABFER and a fellow of Luohan Academy. His research focuses on Chinese economy and macroeconomics. His papers were published by leading academic journals including American Economic Review, Econometrica and Journal of Political Economy. His paper “Growing like China” won Sunyefang Economic Science Award. Before joining CUHK, Prof. Song was an associate professor of economics at Chicago Booth. Prof. Song is a co-editor of China Economic Review, an associate editor of Econometrica and Review of Finance. He sits on a number of academic advisory boards such as China’s Economics Foundation and Hong Kong Institute for Monetary and Financial Research. 

Recent work by Zheng (Michael) Song