Tamara McGavock

Assistant Professor of Economics, Grinnell College

Tamara McGavock is a development and labor economist interested in intra-household allocation, traditional social norms around gender and caretaking, and related measurement error. She uses both quasi-experimental and experimental techniques combined with insights from ethnography and other qualitative work to study, for example, time use and the allocation of labor to employment and unpaid chores; schooling, living arrangements, and supervisory care work; child marriage and female genital cutting. Additionally, she conducts experiments with survey methodologies, especially high-frequency phone surveys. She received her PhD in economics from Cornell University in 2016 and her bachelor’s degree in economics from Wellesley College. As an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Grinnell College (Iowa, USA), she strives to train excellent undergraduate students to be careful and curious thinkers and researchers.

Recent work by Tamara McGavock