Can agricultural extensions be discontinued? Evidence from Uganda


Published 05.04.23

How should development programmes that attempt to disseminate improved technologies be phased out?


Read "Can Agricultural Extension and Input Support Be Discontinued? Evidence from a Randomized Phaseout in Uganda" by Ram Fishman, Stephen C. Smith, Vida Bobić and Munshi Sulaiman here.

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Many development programs that attempt to disseminate improved technologies are limited in duration because of external funding constraints or an assumption of impact sustainability, but there is limited evidence on whether and when terminating such programs is efficient. In this episode of VoxDevTalks, Munshi Sulaiman joins us to discuss new work with Ram Fishman, Stephen C. Smith and Vida Bobić which outlines experimental evidence on the phaseout of an agricultural extension and subsidy program that promotes improved inputs and cultivation practices among smallholder women farmers in Uganda.