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  • Miguel Almunia

    Assistant Professor of Economics, CUNEF and CEPR Research Affiliate

  • Monira Essa Aloud

    Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, King Saud University

  • Katye Altieri

    Senior Research Officer, Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town

  • Onur Altındağ

    Assistant Professor of Economics, Bentley University

  • Amrit Amirapu

    Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of Kent

  • Mary Amiti

    Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Francesco Amodio

    Assistant Professor, McGill University

  • Santosh Anagol

    Associate Professor, Department of Business Economics and Public Policy Department, Wharton

  • Siwan Anderson

    Professor, Vancouver School of Economics

  • Stephen Anderson

    Assistant Professor of Marketing, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

  • Tahir Andrabi

    Professor of Economics, Pomona College

  • Alison Andrew

    Associate Professor of Economics, University of Oxford

  • Jeannie Annan

    Chief Research and Innovation Officer,  International Rescue Committee and Co-founder, Airbel Impact Lab

  • S Anukriti

    Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Boston College

  • Fernando Aragon

    Associate Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University

  • M. Caridad Araujo

    Chief of the Gender and Diversity Division, Inter-American Development Bank