Rachid Laajaj

Associate Professor of Economics, Universidad de los Andes

Rachid Laajaj is an associate professor of economics at the Universidad de Los Andes. His primary areas of research are technology adoption in agriculture, corruption, and human capital. He studies these issues from a micro-development perspective, paying particular attention to the role of information. He received his PhD in applied economics from the University of Wisconsin Madison. A lot of his work evaluates what policies can best contribute to poverty alleviation, using most up to date evaluation methods. Rachid published in top journals, including AEJ: Applied, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Nature Communications and Science Advances. He received his PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin Madison and did a post-doc at Paris School of Economics. He teaches Econometrics, Microeconomics, Development Economics and Corruption in Developing Countries.

Recent work by Rachid Laajaj