Air pollution and infant mortality


Published 30.08.23

How does air pollution impact child mortality?

Read "Dust pollution from the Sahara and African infant mortality" by Sam Heft-Neal, Jennifer Burney, Eran Bendavid, Kara K. Voss and Marshall Burke here.

Estimating the impacts of pollution on health is critical for guiding policy to improve health outcomes. In this episode of VoxDevTalks, Jennifer Burney joins us to discuss research with Sam Heft-Neal, Eran Bendavid, Kara K. Voss and Marshall Burke which examines how dust from the Sahara impacts infant mortality across Sub-Saharan Africa. Jennifer outlines the key takeaways from this project, how this fits into our wider understanding of the negative health effects of air pollution, and what lessons policymakers can draw from research in this area.